8 Steps to avoid the small business grim reaper

  Almost 50% of small businesses list cash flow as their biggest source of stress and virtually 80% of those that fail, do so because of cash flow. But cash flow management shouldn’t be this scary… Here’s our 8 steps to avoid cash flow problems for your small business…   Find an Accountant So many[…]

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10 Tips For Daily Cashflow Management

Whether you have just started out or been in business for a while, you’ve come to realize that your business physically cannot survive without sufficient cashflow. Sufficient funds in turn comes from a healthy daily cashflow management process…. Cashflow forms the heartbeat of any business, regardless of the size or industry they operate in. Calypso[…]

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Keep The Cash Flowing

Cash flow is one of the major concerns that keeps small business owners awake at night, according to the 2010 SME survey, which included 2000 South African entrepreneurs.

Indeed, few would argue that having a good cash flow is the very lifeblood needed to keep a business going; and that without it, it won’t be long before the enterprise withers and dies.