The challenge of work-life balance


Small businesses are notoriously battling to find a balance between enough time and money. More often than not sacrificing time to try and squeeze just a tad more money out of each working day.

A recent study by research firm, Penelope, indicated that small business owners work an average of 52 hours a week (12 more than a normal South African work week) and 63% more than the average office worker. Often you'll hear from small business owners that they need more time to make their business more successful and that they are always a few steps behind the 8 ball...

When the real challenge is that they are being held hostage by their business and working harder and sacrificing more time seems to be the logical solution.

Working smarter and more efficiently as opposed to harder seems like a much more feasible solution to us here at Calypso Accounting and we challenge our clients constantly to look for better ways of doing things.

"Freedom" from your business is not only the financial - but equally if not more importantly time freedom as well.


There are 1,440 minutes in every day – start making the most of them!

Stop wasting your most valuable resource. Outsource your accounting today!


4 Easy steps to more free time!





Let's get you digital


Collaboration is the name of the game! There are very few benefits to desktop accounting software in your accountants office to which you have no access. In turn you have to find software on which you can issue quotes and invoices to your customers. Why would we still email or print documents that have to be duplicated (at a cost nevertheless) by our accountants, simply because we can't work on the same accounting software?

And make that "cloud based software" and you open up a whole new world of possibilities - access to your business finances, anytime, anywhere. To give you access to this whole new way of doing business, we'll convert your existing desktop software into a new Xero Accounting file. Or, if you've never had accounting software before, we'll set that up for you from scratch.

You'll even have access via the mobile app on your smartphone - welcome to a smarter way of running a successful business!




Time to integrate your systems


The days of entering duplicate data into multiple systems purely because these systems aren't connected, are over. Business systems that are critical to the operational success of your business - such as Point-of-Sale, Time and Attendance and Project Management - need to talk to one another in realtime. We'll facilitate the integration of these platforms into your Xero Accounting software where possible and/or suggest applications which we think you should be using if you're not already doing so.

This eco-system of information that lives in Xero lets you keep your finger on the pulse of your business. Twenty Four Seven.





Automate to free your time


Technology allows us to automate a lot of things these days (well, close to full automation although we're not quite there yet). This doesn't mean we're lazy beings. It simply means we chose to spend our time on stuff that is more important to us than chasing paperwork. We'll help you set-up a crazy new customer invoicing process where your clients can approve quotes on the go, quotes automatically converted into invoices and past-due invoices even followed-up for payment...automatically.

If you can take a picture on a smart phone and know how to forward an email, you are perfectly poised to use our reap the benefits of using our paperless expense app also...simply take a picture of the expense slip and it automatically lands in our "virtual in-tray", ready to be allocated. No more compiling files, sending them to your accountant only to have some the invoices being lost amongst all the other paperwork they're already drowning in.

Forget about pay-as-you-go...this is bookkeeping on the go!




Outsource the rest


Now that we've maximised the impact technology can have on freeing up some time from running your business, it's time to pair that with some rockstars that will take care of the rest of your accounting and tax needs. It's of no value if your bookkeeping runs like a well oiled machine but your stuck in the wee hours of the morning trying to rush a VAT or Tax return.

Our outsourced Accounting & Tax services are all-inclusive service offerings taking care of all your compliance work. But we wouldn't be rockstars if we only submitted returns for a living...get access to strategic advice, planning and support also included on-top of the compliance related items and take your business to new highs.


"Their service is outstanding and they truly live up to their

promise - 'You do business. We do accounting'"

Alette Bronkhorst - Talent Tank


Our customers have more free time and get to...


...go on more regular and longer family holidays
...take up personal interests such as playing musical instruments
...tick off bucket list items such as training for Ironman and Roof of Africa
...attend their kids' most important school activities
...write books



Ready to outsource your accounting?