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Digital at the heart of the business model

“Technology is like electricity. It just is. It is all about how we implement it to work for us” Luan van Rhyn   The role of the Accountant has changed so much in the last 5 years that you have to think twice some days of what your actual role is. The exciting thing about[…]


Cash flow forecasting – your secret weapon

Maybe you know that you should be, but aren’t already doing a cash flow forecast? Nobody starts a business for the thrill of getting stuck in bookkeeping, paperwork or chasing customers for money. Still, every business faces cash flow difficulties from time to time, but cash flow forecasts remains the most under utilized secret weapon[…]

your business needs the cloud

Why your business needs the cloud

Business owners across the world marvel and quiver simultaneously at the mere speed at which technology is changing the face of how we do business…so as business owners: “Do we fear or embrace the pivotal role technology will play in our futures?”

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Companies You Can Choose From When Starting Your New Business

In South Africa, all companies used to be governed by The Companies Act, of 1973. A new legislation came into effect on 1 May 2011 called The Companies Act, of 2008.

This “new” Companies Act provides for two categories of companies, namely non-profit and profit companies.