January 11, 2013

Payroll Administration Services

Payroll Administration Services

Complying with ever-changing SARS legislation regarding staff remuneration is a fairly complex and time consuming administrative process.

Serious thought would have to be put into any number of numerous calculations such as income tax, fringe benefits, pension contributions, medical aid, UIF, overtime, staff loan repayments and leave pay to name a few.

Calypso Payroll provides a comprehensive outsourced payroll solution, at alarmingly affordable rates. Our aim is to streamline your payroll process, and at the same time, free up valuable staff resources as well as cut costs.

Calypso Payrolls’ outsourced payroll service is dedicated to reducing costs and relieving small and medium-sized businesses of the burden of running a legally compliant payroll department. Our main focus is to save you the hassle of payroll administration and the worry of meeting SARS deadlines.

What is included in our outsourced payroll service?

  • Weekly and fortnightly wages
  • Monthly salaries
  • Electronic and printed payslips
  • Monthly EMP201 returns to SARS (PAYE / SDL / UIF)
  • UI-19 monthly submission to the Department of Labour
  • Application for tax directives
  • Bi-annual online EMP501 reconciliation
  • Uploading and issuing of year end IRP5 / IT3a Certificates

What information will the salary slips contain?

Pay slips are fully customised and include:

  • Company logo, address and statutory information
  • Pay run period and date
  • Employee full details, designation and income tax number

Pay slips are generated on basic salary, commission, bonus, travel allowances, medical aid contributions, pension fund contributions, retirement annuity contributions, subsistence allowances and reimbursed expenses

Which reports can I expect subsequent each payrun?

  • Pay run summary indicating the total wages, salaries and statutory deductions for the pay period
  • EMP201 report
  • UI-19 report
  • Confirmation of statutory payments made to SARS for the pay period

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